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The Dionne Quintuplets

On this day in 1940, the Dionne Quintuplets graced the cover of Life Magazine celebrating their Holy Communion for the first time.

Photographer Hansel Mieth for Life Magazine, 1940                                                       
This was not their first Life cover though, as their lives have been of public interest since birth. They were the first known quintuplets to survive infancy at the time and that garnered much attention, so the Canadian government decided to profit from their fame.

I had come across this same cover last year and have been fascinated by their story ever since. I read a lot about them and about other twins/triplets etc who were used for monetary or scientific purposes.
I watched a lot of disturbing documentries about twins and triplets who were separated or tested for scientific research and the trauma they went through is heartbreaking. Some survived and some became so ill that they commited suicide.

It's crazy to imagine what they went thr…

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