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REVIEW: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

I had watched Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca, 1940 a long time ago and planned to read the novel ever since, but never got around to it, until it was chosen as this month's read by our bookclub. I was thrilled by the choice of course, as the film has always been amongst my favourites. Although the film was the most accurate reflection of the story, I wish I had read the novel before watching because much of the suspense was lost for me.

Alfred Hitchcock with screenwriter Joan Harrison reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier                      
We held our bookclub meeting this month in Cafe Chanteclair in the Opera Galleria. I love the place because it was spacious and had good service. Most importantly though, it wasn't full to capacity. Actually I think only three or four tables were occupied. Don't know if that's good for the business, but it was great for us hehe. Anyway, we had a very short but fun discussion and answered a few important questions, which I will to…

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