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International Chess Day

Haven't posted in a while despite saying I would in my previous posts, but life happens and when your time is as disorganised as mine, it's hard to manage anything. Anyway, today is International Chess Day, so I decided to post a little about chess.

What Is Chess?
Chess is a two-player strategy board game, which consists of a Queen, a King, Rooks, Knights, Bishops and Pawns - with the Queen holding the highest power and the Pawns the lowest.
Each piece has a different move and the game depends on the strategy of the moves as would be in a battle. The winner ends the game with a Checkmate.

The game was said to be derived from a 7th century Indian game called Chaturanga. but there's evidence to suggest that it was of Persian origins - Chatrang - as it was discovered after the Islamic conquest of Persia around the same time. The oldest chess manual found was in the 9th century - in Arabic - which is around the time it was spread in Europe.

In the 11th century, many chess rules …

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