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Coco Chanel

135 years ago today, Coco Chanel was born. She is my favourite fashion designer of all time!

Coco Chanel, 1962 by Douglas Kirkland                                          
She was said to have had many love interests and courted quite a number of aristocrats and oligarchs but it is a shame she never married. Anyway, you can read her timeline below.

Chanel's Biography:

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was born on 19th August 1883, in France to a poor family. She had four siblings.

In 1895 and when Gabrielle was only twelve, her mother died of Tuberculosis. She was then sent, along with her two sisters, to an orphange, while her two brothers stayed behind to work with their father. During her stay at the orphange, she was taught to sew amongst other things.

In 1901, too old to stay at the orphange at 18 years old, she moved to a boarding house for Catholic girls. She worked as a seamtress and did a little singing on the side.

In 1910, she became a licensed…

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