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Hot Weather

The weather is too hot here, especially that global warming has become heavily noticeable in these past few years. Oh well, at least our winters are colder and last longer hehe

Anyway, with hot weather come ice creams and ice lollies, so I'm not complaining.

Today happens to be International Ice Cream Day. It was proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, to celebrate a treat enjoyed by most of the population. 

That ice cream looks so good!!!

What Is Your Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?

Mine's Vanilla, but after getting sick last summer straight after eating one, I started loving Chocolate more hehe. Coffee or Toffee flavoured are also among my favourites, but depends where I get them. I love Strawberry too, but I get it as a milkshake mostly.

My favourite ice lollies are orange flavoured and sometimes strawberry. And I love raspberry sorbet!

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