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RIP Stanley Donen

One of the most prominent film directors of the golden era; Stanley Donen, passed away today at the age of 94 years due to a heart failure.

 Stanley Donen, 1958  
There is this strange coincedence that happens to me and my family everytime someone famous dies, we usually watch something about them - either a documentary or a film - and wake up to find that they just passed away. This time Rasha and I watched Funny Face, 1957 the day before...

I did not realise how many of his films I had already watched until I checked his biography, so I'm curious to know what you've watched and what are among your favourites.

On The Town (1949)Royal Wedding (1951)Singing In The Rain ( 1952)Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (1954) Funny Face (1957)Indiscreet (1958)Once More With Feeling (1960)Surprise Package (1960)Charade (1963)
Rasha and I had watched a quarter of The Grass Is Greener, 1960 before we realised it would get worse, so I can't add it to the list but I know I won't…

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