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Welcome to mintybint, with your host Noora!

About The Blog:

The Name: 
Bint is an Arabic word for girl and it was an English slang in the mid 19th century (borrowed from Arabic) with the same meaning, only it was used derogatorily.
Of course, since I am Arabian, I used it as it's original meaning, just girl.

Mint is one of my favourite shades of green, so I decided to use it within my name. Mint + Bint didn't sound smooth, so I went with mintybint (minty girl) instead.

The Blog:
Like in "La Vie en Rose", I like to look at life through rose-coloured glasses, but when the time comes, I opt for mint.
While rose-coloured glasses make you look at things optimistically, mint-coloured give you an honest perspective about them. Therefore, through this blog, I intend to be as frank as I see fit without overshadowing the rosy hues.

I love classic films, television, music, literature, and fashion - everything basically - and I watch classic films and television shows practically everyday, so I decided to review them and share my love with everyone.

In my reviews, I try to write as much information as I see appealing to classic lovers and normal readers alike, but most importantly, if it sounds interesting to me hehe

In my childhood I was only exposed to television from the 1960s, but a few years ago, I had decided to watch shows from the 1950s and immediately fell in love with them.
I love television in both decades and try to review as many as I can, so that you too can learn about them too.

Watching classic television or films has a deeper meaning to me. I one day hope to be a parent, and with today's Hollywood, my children are doomed to be indecent. So, I try as much as possible to find suitable children's shows or anything that is beneficial for a healthy upbringing.
If you too are worried about today's youth, just read on and start making changes in your own home.

Being a wannabeparent, I started getting more and more interested in the lifestyle of the golden age and especially about how amazing women were. From time to time, I post my advice on beauty, fashion, etiquette and home management.

Classic and classical music are among my favouite genres. I always try to find more that I haven't heard of before. I often learn about a song from a film or a television show then immediately search YouTube or other sources to check if any of my favourite singers had covered the song in the past, so that I can share those with you as I find them.

Learning about culture, religion and history is another one of my hobbies. Fashion and interior are also my passion so you'll probably see a few posts on all those subjects too...strictly classic of course!

I try to read books as much as I can because I want to have a better understanding of the world plus it makes me "plenty shmart", so you'll find posts about my favourite books and hopefully give me some recommendations.

I do ocasionally post about non-classic things but most will be connected to some of the topics above.

Blog Sections:
As there are endless topics I touch upon, I have decided to divide them into three main sections: (click on them to redirect you to their full descriptions and topics)

Drapery Misses - beauty, fashion, health & etiquette 

Mintstocking - history & literature

Queen of the Classics - film & television

I have created challenges and polls to get everyone involved - those you can find on the left-hand side of the blog with their full descriptions and individual pages.

I have also created a calendar with all the events I will be discussing, so you can know what to expect from me every month.

Blog Updates:
Whenever I update, I do them through my morning or night posts, just to let you know what is going on with me personally or what posts to expect on the same or coming day/s.


About me:
I don't really know how to go about writing about myself, so I will let you learn a little about me as you follow the blog. Or you could just click,  HERE

And you can follow me on:

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  1. I love your blog. It’s the most interesting and organised, and my favourite to read. And I’m not saying this because you’re my sister and I hate you. It really is the best...you always perfect everything you do.

    1. I told you "Noora Noor, practically perfect in every way" hehe
      Thanksis, I hate you too

  2. No you don’t...you love me in the most disgusting way...poor me!

  3. I LOVE your blog... its honestly my favorite now


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