World Lion Day

Fagan The Lion, photographed by Loomis Dean             

Today we celebrate the most beautiful and fearsome animal on the planet.
Lions, like all wild animals, should be left alone. Every once in a while we get news of some animal mistreatment in zoos or the wild and it has got to stop.

Inhuman means lacking human qualities of compassion and mercy but I do not see any of it in humans these days. We inflict more pain to eachother and other animals than any animal ever has...the word should be changed because I can no longer associate it with human character!

Zoos and places that confine animals are supposed to be for our entertainment...but how can anyone be entertained by seeing such sad and lonely faces?!

I won't lie, I used to love going to zoos because it's the only way I can see animals in real life, but now I'd rather not ever see them than support such selfishness.

Two years ago I heard about a depressed polar bear in a mall in China and I still want to cry every time I remember his sad face. I read that they've transfered him to a Polar Ocean world where he was born. He is now reunited with his mother. It's still not the north pole but at least he's happier!

Also around two years ago I read that a Gorilla escaped London Zoo. There are even a few videos of the Gorilla trying to break the glass before escaping. He didn't really escape the zoo, but only went as  far as the staff corridor. I guess he didn't know how to escape, also he was distracted by some squash juice hahhahha

At least in these two cases the animals survived, but there are many stories I had heard about, where the animals are shot because people always think it's the only way to deal with them when they're out of control.

In 2016, a famous Gorilla was shot in Cincinnati because careless parents let their three year old boy climb into the Gorilla's enclosure.

I remember in 1994 a circus elephant in Honululu, suddenly went mad. He killed his trainer infront of the audience and then started for the streets, injuring everyone in sight. It was a horrifying scene. He was shot 87 times by police.

Shooting them like they're not lives like ours! Why couldn't they have shot them with a tranquiliser instead!

I hope in the future all zoos will be eliminated and animals can roam freely around in the wild and that no poachers or hunters exist! It can happen if there is more awareness!


  1. I’m very happy about the Polar Bear. I hope this is true and they didn’t just say that to shut people up about the subject.
    I remember the elephant incident, i thought he killed more people.
    I hope the day comes when zoos no longer exist. And people can just go on Safaris.
    When we were watching that Candid camera show in South Africa I kept thinking how terrifying and suffocating it must’ve felt for the people to be inside the caged car, when they weren’t forced to it...must be 100000 times worse for the animals since they are forced in. They must feel depressed and confused

    1. Yes I was thinking of the same thing about the show...poor animals.
      I read in National Geographic that they checked about the polar bear and an animal activist visited the place too so it must be true. Alhamdulilah.
      I remember the elephant killing many people too but when I read about it now, it just mentioned the trainer.

    2. I’m glad that someone went to check about the Polar bear. There are still some sane people in this world.


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