REVIEW: A Very Special Favour (1965)

Title: A Very Special Favour
Release Year: 1965
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cast: Rock Hudson, Charles Boyer & Leslie Caron
Plot: A French man approaches an American playboy to help loosen up his daughter whom has grown to be like her mother, a control freak.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

Review: This film was part of the Rock Hudson DVD collection that Rasha & I had bought years ago. We'd never seen a Rock Hudson film prior, so we thought by buying a collection set, we could learn more about him or even about genres we wouldn't normally purchase.

Besides, we were trying to expand our classic DVD collection & the fastest way is through collection sets hehe

We didn't watch this film immediately because we thought, films in the 1960s are not old Hollywoody...we learned later that they probably do have the quality of the 1950s just with less glamour & more maturity.

Anyway, I was shocked to see how funny this film was & loved it so much!

Rock Hudson was at his best in his 1960s comedies, although his role in "Giant", 1956, was better, acting-wise. He's hilarious in comedies but he also seemed incapable to act well in them, as though he was performing just for laughs. Still because these comedies have no serious story at all, it worked.

He was perfect as the player, who would fight to the death to maintain his reputation of being The Man.

Leslie Caron, used to get on my nerves before I saw her in this suited her perfectly, even though it was the exact opposite of the type of roles she did in the 1950s.

She played the role of the cold, controlling daughter perfectly. She made me love the character & for once I didn't wish someone else in her place. The funny thing though, was her should've been American because her mother was American & she had lived in the US for most of her life yet it was british with a french twist. Again, because of the unserious-ness of the worked as an additional comedy...probably not intentional  hahha

Charles Boyer, as the father, was probably the best part of the film. I almost weeped from his hilariousness!

Walter Slezak,the restaurateur and the father's best friend, was hilarious too. He was actually a gourmet cook in real life and often treated the cast to french cuisine.

I loved all the characters in the film. They were all confused & conniving, except for Hudson's apartment receptionist, she had the most awful accent...kind of ruined the film for me!

One of my favourite scenes was when the Caron was weeping then her father (Boyer) promised her he'll do something about it & he was extremely cross at Hudson, for something he asked him to do in the first place hahaha

Another scene was when all the men made a small committee to save the dignity of all men through Hudson but lost miserably!

If you want a good laugh, you should definitely watch this film, but be prepared for some mature jokes or hints...nothing you can't let pass.


  1. This is one of my favourite comedies.
    My favourite part was when Leslie Caron was stuck between the crowd at the hotel and ended up on the bus...that was hilarious! And of-course the Charles Boyer part you mentioned haha! Before this film, I didn’t think both Charles Boyer and Leslie Caron could be this funny.
    Rock Hudson looked incredibly handsome in this film as he usually does in any film, and even- though I prefer his serious acting more than the comedic, I still think he was great in this film! He just over did it later on in other films hahah!


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