REVIEW: Leave Her To Heaven (1945)

Title: Leave Her To Heaven
Release Year: 1945
Genre: Drama, Film Noir
Cast: Gene Tierney, Jeanne Crain & Cornel Wilde
Plot: A writer marries a socialite he's only just met. As soon as they settle in, he starts to realise that her love for him is turning to an obsession that would turn his life into tragedy.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Review: This is one of my favourite films of all time and the first Gene Tierney film I had ever watched. Rasha and I watched it as soon as the DVD arrived.
The lighting was bad, especially at the beginning while they were in Mexico. Don't understand why they made it that dark, we could hardly see their faces. It was much better in the original.

Gene Tierney was breathtakingly beautiful but it was the first time I ever saw her overbite. I didn't like it so much at the time but it grew on me eventually.

Tierney's portrayal of a psychotic possessive daughter and wife was done brilliantly. I always thought Tierney excelled in Noir. She reflects her best as a femme fatale.

The role was actually cast for Rita Hayworth but she turned it down , thankfully, because it was the only film Tierney got a nomination for best actress in.
It was also speculated that Tallulah Bankhead would be cast in her place. I think she would've been too old for the role though, so I don't know if it was true or it was just newspaper rumors of the time.

I wasn't happy about the casting of Cornel Wilde originally but after viewing his acting, I was satisfied. Still I would've loved seeing someone else in his place...who you say? Well there are endless possibilities. I think at the time I wanted someone like Rock Husdon or Gregory Peck but I don't really remember...just anyone but Wilde I guess hehe

Wilde didn't think the advances that Tierney's character made to his were convincing and it was hard for him to accept it. He felt his character wouldn't be attracted to someone so forward or at least wouldn't be fooled by her. That's why he didn't get along with the director.

Jeanne Crain's acting is not my favourite. As the good sister, she should've been nicer. For some reason, she seemed like she's always suspicious of something. Not sure if that was intended for us to be suspicious of her or it was just her way of acting hahaha

I disliked the mother. I never liked her acting and instead of feeling sorry for her I really just wanted her to leave. But in order to feel for her character I just sort of imagined a different actress in her place, saying the same words, in a better way.

The brother (Darryl Hickman) was alright I guess, but he annoyed me a lot. I felt sorry for him but not as much as I should have! I don't see how he and Wilde could be brothers anyway...

I had never viewed the film with commentary but I read that Hickman showed some intense hate towards Tierney. Don't know if anything he said about her was true or not and I won't be listing them here because I havent heard it myself. Maybe the next time I watch the film I'll give him a listen and maybe update my review.

Despite not liking almost everyone, surprisingly, it didn't ruin the film for me and I still think it's one of the greatest Noir!

My favourite scene was the drowning one of course because it felt so real. It was also the hardest to watch.

The silliest part was the fact that Cornel looked exaclty like her father.

The worst scene was when Vincent Price's character said "Are you in love with her, are you in love with her..." I don't know why they always used to use this as evidence in many court scenes in the 1950s.

The funniest scene was when Tierney's character was dying. For some reason she thought it would look realistic if her head fell sideways when she died...why would it though, if she was lying, face up hahahha

In 1947, both Gene and Cornel reprised their roles in a radio broadcasting of the film adaptation. Would love to find the audio!

Found a funny ad for the 'Leave Her To Heaven' book. The title is hilarious, but I wish I had a membership at the Literary Guild hehehhe


  1. Although I love Rita Hayworth, I’m still happy she declined and Gene Tierney got the role, because this was the only role that suited her perfectly out of all her films. Plus, I love Gene Tierney more than Rita Hayworth so naturally I’d want her hahah!
    My favourite part was when her mother and cousin were on their way on the boat and she didn’t like it. And also when she was in Dr Mason’s office saying that Dani is a cripple!
    The best and worst part had to be Vincent Price in the courtroom haha!
    The silliest is definitely the father’s picture and the fact that he looked exactly like Cornel Wilde...hahah!

    1. Yes I wish she had done more noir like this and didn't have to be a camillion!
      You're right those were definetly the best scenes! Especially that Tierney did them justice.

      I don't know why they had to make him look like her father just so he attracts her. People who are obsessive don't actually obsess over multiple people because they look alike! There were many silly parts but thankfully it didn't ruin the outcome!


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