Good Morning!

Just finished my breakfast with the Ferrers!

Mel Ferrer and Audrey Hepburn are amongst my favourite hollywood couples. I love looking at their candid photographs at home. They seemed like they had so much fun together.
I genuinly feel sad whenever I remember they left eachother and never stayed in contact after their split.


  1. Good Morning Chuckaboo!
    I also loved them together, and I really hate how people nowadays say that Mel Ferrer was a bad husband when they never knew them personally and weren’t even born the time they were married. I never heard any negative comments about his character from her or their son, so I don’t know where these stories about him came from. In my perspective I feel he did so much for her career wise and I have no idea what went on in their personal life but nothing indicates a mentally abusive relationship from the photographers or interviews.
    I think people nowadays feel absolutely no jealousy whatsoever and are way too open-minded in term of relationships to understand why two divorced people don’t communicate, that they made him into a montater of a husband that she didn’t want anything to do with.
    I still wish they didn’t stop contact, but at the same time this makes me feel that they were very special to each other that they couldn’t be okay as friends. I just wish they stayed together, especially for his sake, but I know they loved each other until the end because she died in the home they shared in Switzerland, and he looked devastated at her funeral.

    1. Love what you wrote! Exactly! I think I only wanted them to stay in contact because I felt he really couldn't live without her and also it meant that there will no longer be any glimpses into their relationship hehe
      Also maybe in my mind I felt, if they had kept incontact, they'd eventually had gotten back together again hehehhe
      I don't care what those newbies say, they know nothing about love and care that's why it's so easy for them to bash on someone else's character. They don't understand that they can love someone (Audrey) without making them the victim and villainising Mel!

  2. Exactly! Yes I really wish they stayed in contact because I’m sure they would have eventually gotten back together!
    I think the biggest reason why I think they didn’t was because she rushed into another marriage right after their divorce...I wish she didn’t do that, because I feel that really broke Mel Ferrer and the reason he stopped directing. Even-though I’ve never experienced what he has been through but I for some reason I am very empathetic towards him.

    1. Yes I feel I can relate to him more than her even though I wasn't in either situation hehe I guess he was attached to her and maybe we both get attached or love too much


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