I'm so happy I finally found someone who can do my nails exactly the way I want them. You might think it's simple but I have been looking for someone who understands Almond-shaped nails for years.

I do not know why "nail specialists" here never understand anything but round or squared...there are other shapes you know! Besides, almond-shaped nails are a classic.

I tried once to show the lady doing my nails how to do them by filing one myself infront of her but she still didn't understand. Another lady I also showed a sample of a fake nail but she didn't understand either. One lady was so close to getting the almond shape before suddenly filing the top, making it look like a coffin - believe it or not, that's a trend!

So, you can understand how happy this makes me feel. I can finally relax and get my nails done instead of doing them myself.

What shape do you like your nails to have?

When I was a teenager I used to like round-shaped nails and in my twenties I sort of went with the trend which was squared-shaped nails but now I opt for the classic.

Even though I always liked almond, I never thought it would look good on me - you know how self concious people can be - but now I don't really care, I do what ever I like.

Anyway I think it looks better than any other shape on me and makes my fingers look more feminine.

Every once in a while, I love doing my own nails because it makes me feel more girly.
I used to dread it when I was in school though. I wanted them painted but didn't like actually doing it plus I couldn't paint with my left hand so my nails always looked sloppy.

Rasha used to do her nails practically everyday which I thought was crazy...and it was!

I think it was probably one of her hobbies, maybe even her ultimate hobby!

What are your favourite colours and shades on nails?

Mine is Red Red Red Red RED!!!

Sometimes when I feel I have to change I love going for nude pink, cream, creamy pink or peach but revert back to red in a few days.

My favourite Red is "Pirate" 08 from Chanel. Sometimes I cannot even try any other shades, that's how much I love it hehe

A fun fact I learned while writing this post is that Rita Hayworth popularised red nail varnish after her film in technicolor "Cover Girl", 1944, so I'm so thankful for her hehehhe


  1. Wow...1944?
    I didn’t know that’s when the trend started...I thought it was long before that.
    I love Red, long Almond shaped nails!
    Always love Almond shape the most since I was a child but never had nails long enough to do it hahah. And I also loved Round nails because Mama always had them...But now, only Almond.

  2. I totally understand the struggle of finding a manicurist here .. luckly I found one years ago.. She talks non stop (which is super annoying) but I'll tolerate anything from her for beautiful nails... Red is def mt fav color ... I would put red a few weeks in a row then change the color for a week ony to go back to my red...


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