Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia ♛

Today is Alexei Nikolaevich's birthday...

I have always been facinated by the Romanovs and try to read up on them as much as I can. Everytime I do, I feel more and more depressed but I can never stop!

Alexei was the heir to the throne as he was the Tsar's only son. He was the youngest of five, born in 1904.
Along with his whole family, Alexei was murdered by the revolutionists in 1918 at the young age of 13.

I will writing about the last Tsar and his family in great detail some other time because I need to gather more information. Most of the things I read on the internet do not make much sense, so I need to research it myself. I am sure Rasha will probably beat me to it though hehe


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