REVIEW: The Decorator (1965)

Bette Davis is one of the best actresses of the golden age and one of my very favourites. I've only known of her in the past two years, after watching a very over-rated film; "All About Eve", 1950.
After watching that film, I couldn't tell if she was good or not. Besides, I thought, if this film is said to be one of the "greatest", then I'm sure all the rest were worse. I forgot that I never liked what others - especially critics - considered the best classics.

If you've never watched any of Bette's films, I don't suggest you start with that. You could always watch it later, because believe me you'd want to because she's addictive.

Rasha and I constantly search for more and more films of hers to watch. While searching for films, we came across an unaired pilot of a television show Bette was going to star in.
I was very excited, yet very sad that it was only a pilot and that she didn't go through with it.

Liz (Bette) is an interior decorator from a wealthy background. She is struggling financially but still lives lavishly. Whenever she decorates a house, she moves into her clients house to better understand them and thus create for them a home best fit for their personalities "if they have any".

I personally loved the concept and think it could've been successful. We would've probably been introduced to new characters (clients) every episode, but I'm sure there was going to be a love interest and recurring characters because the story was open from all sides.

Bette Davis's character was perfect! She was completely different than the characters she had played in the big screen. This woman really can do anything! Plus she has one of the best laughs in Hollywood!
I've seen her as a guest in many televishion shows and she was always funny so it felt natural to see her in such a role.

Mary Wickes was so funny - afterall, comedy is second nature to her. She was perfectly casted as Bette's assistant and it felt like they both worked on the show for longer than an episode.

It's a real shame that the show wasn't ever aired because it had potential.
Although, not getting a television show, couldn't possibly affect Bette's career, it would've been a great gift for us fans.


  1. I absolutely love this review. This is by far my favourite one yet, for two reasons, one ☝🏼👸🏼 because it’s about Bette Davis, and two ✌🏼👸🏼 Because I completely agree with everything you usual!
    I wish she continued with the show, especially that usually pilots aren’t as good as the rest of the episodes on other shows, yet hers was hilarious and very VERY enjoyable to watch, so I can’t imagine how the rest would’ve been. But still, maybe if she focused on this she wouldn’t have had time for all our favourite films of her in the 60’s!!!

    1. Yes at least there's a bright side to it X::::{


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