Audrey Hepburn's 89th Birthday

Today is Audrey Hepburn's birthday. She would've turned 89 years had she still been alive.
Ever since childhood I've been watching Audrey films and to this day those films are amongst my favourites.

I didn't have time to write a mini bio about her because I actually thought her birthday was on the I haven't had a chance to even prepare reviews as I had planned.

Anyway I'll just list down my favourite Audrey films so far (not in any order):

  •   Roman Holiday (1953)
  •   Sabrina (1954)
  •   War & Peace (1956)
  •   Funny Face (1957)
  •   Charade (1963)
  •   My Fair Lady (1964)
  •  Wait Until Dark (1967)

What are your favourites?

P.S I just realised I need to watch more of her films!