Hello again!

Rasha and I have decided to blog again after six years!

I loved blogging, it really helped me learn new things and understand people more. Through it, I was able to improve myself as well.

So after I had opened two public instagram pages about my interests; one being classic films and the other, books, I wanted to have a place that combines everything I like in one - it's also a lot easier to update and maintain.

And thus it begins...


  1. I absolutely love your new simple blog style, and I'm so happy I'm finally going to read longer reviews and more posts from you! You're my favourite Classic Film and Book critic.

    1. Wow...the Tsarina herself is commenting on my blog I am honoured! Your Highness!

    2. Not Your Highness!!! You can call me Your Imperial Majesty, Thank you very much. (Lucille Ball)


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