REVIEW: Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (1954)

Today my sisters Rasmia, Rasha and I attended a ladies coffee and classic film morning at our local cinema for the first time.

I used to get emails of these film gatherings every month for two years now but I never liked the films they suggested because they were current films and I only enjoy watching classics nowadays.
A few days ago though, I got an email saying they'll be showing a classic, so I was static!

My sisters also love classic films and appreciate that era so we were all pleased with this.

I didn't like the arrangement of the place, it felt like any other day going to the cinema...nothing special. Actually everything was disorganized and I spilled coffee on my hand, clothes and the floor (YES of course it's their fault).
Anyway, since we were told to be there a half hour before the film starts, I thought there would be a special seating area where everybody can sit and chat. Instead noone mingled and everybody stayed with the people they came with.
I know everything I'm saying just sounds sarcastic...yes it's meant to the sense of humour of the organiser.

They were showing Seven Brides For Seven Brothers starring Jane Powell and a bunch of others I don't know:

When the film started, my sisters and I laughed so hard cause it was a DVD and it had the 'Play Movie' thing that you click...
Anyway enough making fun of the organisers hehehe let's make fun of the film! Just kidding, the film wasn't that bad actually.

It's not the best choice to start off a classic film monthly event but I guess it was the organisers' favourite.

Anywho the story is about a man who gets married and then his brothers want to do the same so their sister-in-law tells them how to find one.

What I liked about the film is how the man and his wife have completely different mind sets and how each sees the same thing differently. It seemed at the end though, that everybody else learned how to appreciate their other half, except for him. I wasn't satisfied with how he reacted at the end. I needed more from him.

It is a musical, so there were a lot of cheesy bits here and there, though some complimented the film, others absolutely destroyed it.

I'll give it a 7 out of 10 only because the plot was not that bad and kind of funny plus I loved the dance scene at the party.

My overall rating for this event is 7 also only because the choice of film was wrong, the place was disorganised. I didn't rate it so low because I don't like giving low ratings (don't know why) and I had my sweet sisters with me so that's definately a plus!


  1. The best part of the whole gathering was the 'play' button hahahahaa...
    you forgot to add that the screen needed to be brighter and that DVDs don't work well with huge seemed as though we were watching a 3D movie WITHOUT the glasses hahhaahhaa...But the movie was funny...would've been much nicer watching it at home with you two where it wouldn't be so blurry, and without the weird comments childish people make about the weird.

  2. and the BURPING yakkkkkhhhhhh I was surprised there were those types of people there...why do they watch classics?

    Oh and I forgot to add that one of the brides was the secretary in 'Funny Face' =P

  3. Really loved hanging out with you girls... but the best part of the day was the burping!!!! WHAT . THE . HELL!!!!

    The movie wasn't bad bc the story was actually cute though they had too many songs!!! even for a musical!!!!.......but the best part was def the "play" button hahahaha

  4. Loved hanging with you too...hopefully next month there won't be these manly teenage girls around =P


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