Wednesday, May 4, 2011

❥ Happy Birthday Audrey


Today's Audrey Hepburn's birthday, so I'd like to wish her a happy one eventhough she'll never receive this message.

She's my favourite actress, I love everything about her, she just seemed like a geniunely good person with a big heart. Eventhough she was in a glamourous age in hollywood, she never hesitated to be herself...she distinguished herself amongst the so many "polished" actresses of that time and succeeded them...for that I admire her. It seems strange that people these days tend to copy others inorder to be accepted, when presumably we are in an age of open-mindedness...wish people would be more like Audrey and less like clones.

I hope she's in a good place now...Allah only knows. I LOVE YOU AUDREY

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  1. I love her too...hopefully she's in a good place...inshaallah!!
    I love this post :')
    Happy Birthday Miss Dolittle :P