Montgomery Clift In Red River

Rasha and I ordered a few Montgomery Clift films yesterday but we have to wait some time before they get here. We usually order our classic films from a video shop in Sabco (don't remember the name) and they get it in a week or more depending on the stock.

A few months ago we ordered A Place In The Sun and they said that it's out of stock, but we tried again yesterday because we don't want to give up hehehe. We also ordered The Heiress and The Search just incase.

I can't believe we have yet to see one single film of Clift - maybe we have when we were little but we knew nothing about anything back then!
I always read about how great his acting was, and how he should've won at least one Oscar, but it seems to be taking too long to find out if it is true.
I was very curious and impatient so I watched some trailors of his films and he's PERFECTIONARY!

I also want to order Red River cause he's GORGEOUS there:


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