Friday, February 25, 2011

High Hopes

My little sister and I loved 'A Goofy movie' when it first came out in 1995.


We used to watch it daily and after watching it we'd re-enact it using dolls, but instead of it being a real story, it would be just a play that the dolls do at their school (well that was one way we did it atleast).

We loved all the musical scores on the movie so much that we listened to it all day long and ofcourse it was also the soundtrack to our "doll play".

After VHS tapes became old fashioned we bought the DVD, so we can still watch it over and over

Anyway, two days ago we decided to listen to my sister's old Frank Sinatra CD which was sitting on the shelf for an eternity (now that iPods exist, nobody relays on CDs). SO, as we went through the songs we came across one song that shocked us...'High Hopes'!!!
We never knew Frank Sinatra sang that song!!!

In 'A Goofy movie', Goofy sings that song while listening to it in the car just before he and his son go on to sing 'On the open road'. We had no idea WHAT-SO-EVER that this song was a classic and sung by none other than the legend himself. We couldn't stop laughing because we kept imagining's a great song though.

Here's a video I found on YouTube of Frankie singing it with a bunch of kids:

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