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Goodbye Harry Belafonte...

Another star from the Golden Age had passed away, taking with him a small whiff of nostalgia... Harry Belafonte was best known for his Calypso music, most notably the song "Day-O", 1955. But for me, the song, although famous even in my time, did not make him known to me. Actually, I just knew the song, not the singer. In fact, I only found out he was a singer, after I came across an episode of "What's My line", 1955: A few years ago, after watching him on one of the best films of the 1950s, "The World, The Flesh And The Devil", 1959, I started searching more about him, hoping I'd find more films he was in, which by chance lead me to finally find out that he was behind "Day-O" hehe   A day before Belafonte passed away, I came across a video of "We Are The World", 1985, where some of the musicians began singing that song as a tribute. It's very strange that whenever I see a video of someone I haven't seen in a long time,

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