Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Nihongo Blog

I've created a new page called Nurasan No Nihongo (ぬーらさんの にほんご):


I thought I'd help people who want to learn Japanese but can't afford to take lessons or buy books to learn it for free...PLUS it's a great way for me to memorise and revise everything

I will start posting this week Insh'Allah and I will keep posting whenever I finish a lesson myself so we can all learn together

I made this for my sidebar and now you can put it on your blog too:

Nurasan No Nihongo


  1. EXCELLENT...I will make a russian one hehehehe :P i love it!!!!!!

  2. Arigato Gozaimasuuuuuuuuuu hehehhehhe DHUUU EH DHUUUU EH hehhehe

  3. really great!!
    and how about Arabic one?? :)

  4. HAHHAHA I already know arabic XD maybe you should make one =P

    I will make one about Oman insh'Allah...but maybe after a while cause I have to catch up with the work my tutor is giving me for Japanese XD

  5. Hi sister :)
    Good work, I'm not good in learning new languages..But I'll try learning it from you ;)

    Hey you too changed your header..Good one..I just miss the big tea cup in the old header :)

  6. hahhaha yeah I know I love tea...I still have a tea cup here but it's small =P

    I'll try my best to teach you hehhehe...insh'Allah tomorrow or the day after I'll start the alphabet.

    I love learning languages but I never finished a whole language before...I always lose interest =B but this time I won't cause I always wanted to learn Japanese X} plus I keep myself entertained by making illustrations and teaching hehhehe