Thursday, May 5, 2011

☞ Custom Icons for Mac Tutorial

I had posted a screencap of my desktop a long time ago with custom icons on my dock as well as my desktop and I'd like to explain how to go about doing that. This ofcourse is for mac users only.

First of all, you should download Candybar, which is a program that allows you to change your existing icons in an easy way, also it's the only way I know that does that hehhehehehe

Although this program has a trial period of only 15 days, there are ways of manipulating that, and I'll show you how. Everytime your expiry date is due, just do as follows:

First go to your Finder


Then go to your User, then Library


Then go to Preferences


And then find the file highlighted in the picture, and delete it


This tutorial was given by Silenced Scoper on his video on YouTube...SOOOO thank you SS

Now after you've sorted all that out, go ahead and download some icons. There are many sites, but my favourites are We Love Icons & Icon Archive

After you've gathered the icons you'd like to change, go ahead and open your Candybar


All you have to do now is drag and drop your icon file into the icon you'd like to change


Then reboot and THAT'S ALL FOLKS

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