Friday, May 27, 2011

A blessed Friday & a new book

I would like to recommend a pocket guide called 'The Prophet Of Islam, Muhammed' for those who are travelling to the Mid-East or other muslim countries because it gives a brief idea of who the prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) is and why we (the muslims) try to follow in his foot steps.


I had read it and I think it was well represented. Everything was summerized well and very easy to understand. Ofcourse if you'd like to learn more about the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) then maybe the next time I come across a good book about him, I'll post it here.

There are a lot of bad things said about our beloved prophet (PBUH) these days that are completely false and you can only know the truth about him if you search. Do not depend on the media to form a summary for you about a person, and do not judge a person's nature through what others who support him do. Only because people say they follow what Allah, his prophet and islam say that doesn't mean that it is true. If a christian kills, then I would not judge his religion, even if he said it is permitted in christianity because I'm not ignorant. Instead I research and learn the truth by myself. We're in the 21st century nobody can make up excuses.

Why would Islam be the fastest growing religion in the world if it supports terrorism and why would an islamic state, like my country Oman, be considered one of the world's most peaceful countries if it supports such a religion.

Hope those who are not travelling to a muslim country also read this, only to gain knowledge. Hope you all have a blessed Friday inshAllah.

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