Monday, May 30, 2011

The Birds are happy الحمدلله

The weather is extremely hot in Oman, if you go out you would most definately get baked

I started getting forwards about birds dying from the heat, therefore, people are advised to place a bucket or a glass filled with water outside their windows so the birds can drink.

Rasha and I did that in our balcony and other windows surrounding our room:


The birds seemed happy, and they even spent the whole day there. Some slept while others just stayed in the shade drinking water. It's a very nice feeling to help animals, I hope everyone does it


Let me tell you two stories that the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) told his companians:

1- A story about a thirsty man who found a well then went down and drank then came back up to find a thirsty dog gasping so he returned down, filled his shoe with water and brought it up to the dog. This man's sins were forgiven and he went to heaven.

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلّم
بينما رجلٌ يمشي بطريقٍ، اشتدَّ عليه العطش، فوجد بئرًا فنزل فيها، فشرب ثمَّ خرج، فإذا كلبٌ يلهث، يأكل الثَّرى من العطش، فقال الرجل: لقد بلغ هذا الكلب من العطش مثل الّذي كان بلغ بي، فنزل البئر فملأ خفَّه ثم أمسكه بفيه، فسقى الكلب فشكر الله له فغفر له

2- A story about a woman who went to hell because she trapped a cat in her house with out giving it food until it died.

قال رسول الله صلّى الله عليه وسلّم
دخلت امرأة النار في هرَّةٍ ربطتها ، فلم تطعمها، ولم تدعها تأكل من خشاش الأرض

So be kind to animals and insh'Allah you'll be rewarded in the the feeling is incredible
EDIT: Rasha suggested I post this video of Mary Poppins singing 'Feed the birds', which is very moving...even my 8 year old neice told me she always cries in this part of the movie:


  1. yes it feels great when you do something good to others :D
    you should've posted 'feed the birds' - Mary Poppins :P

  2. hahahhahhahhahahhah yeah!!! but then I'll cry X..}

  3. Hi sister Noora,

    Yeah it's very hot outside, Climate is changing and the birds are crying..Thirsty

    I received both sms and email asking to do the same..To place water around the house.. and did the same :)

    Thanks for sharing the stories of prophet Mohammed - Peace be upon him.

    Keep it up sister and have a nice Friday :)

  4. Thank you Brother!!!
    It's nice to know that others are doing it...Alhamdulilah =}