Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Muzna


Muzna is my cousin, but she's more like a sister to me. She has 4 brothers but no sister, so Rasha and I always treated her as one of us. When we used to play competitions with our other cousins, she'd always be in our team cause our other cousins had sisters.

I always loved it when her and her whole family slept over at our place...I felt like we were all one big family and I hated it when they'd have to leave. I always wished my mother would adopt her...and I used to feel that my aunt was a bit selfish for not letting her stay with us forever hehehhehe

I always feel happy when she's around, and I never feel like I'd be judged around her. She loves me for who I am and that's very rare these days. Whenever she's around, all we do is laugh and feel care-free. There aren't a lot of people who joke around 24hrs a day like Rasha & I, except for Muzna. The 3 of us have so many things in common that I feel we've been cloned. We might have our own personalities but we all complete each other. People constantly try to separate us but we're sisters for life. Nobody is going to break up this pack

I love you sis with all my heart and I hope you have a very happy birthday.



  1. beautiful...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUZNA!!!!

    ...The 3 Muscat-eers for LIFE!!!!!

  2. hahahhahahha nice one...remember when we used to go scaring people and we also thought of calling ourselves some lame name like MQ something don't remember hehehheheheh we were da bomb =P

  3. Gangs of Muscat...and then we changed it to Gangs of MQ hahahaahahahaha

  4. ahhhhh yeah hehehheheh Muscat-eers sounds much more comical...I like it more but we were definately gangs of Muscat then (with our style hehehheheh)

  5. Very Brilliant Birthday greetings Noora :)
    Honestly the words touched my heart..
    I'm so happy for you all..There's nothing good in this World than Friendship
    No one could buy friendship; it comes as a gift from Allah
    To Muzna the Princess :) Happy Birthday