Friday, April 15, 2011

Book Club?

hehehheehhe not really...

Rasha & I went shopping yesterday and bought lots of things from clothes to books to NAIL POLISH

One of the books we bought (from Borders City Centre Qurum) is Mitch Albom's "Have A Little Faith"


We decided to read it at the same time, so for once we wouldn't ruin it for eachother hehehhehe cause usually if I read something I'd tell her the whole story and vice versa BUT NOT ANYMORE


  1. he ha ha ha ha ha...Can't wait to start reading it. We should always buy 2 copies of the same book so we could read them at the same time. to..gether!!!!

  2. Very good sister,

    I've been there in Qurum City in Wednesday with my Dad
    and in Thursday went to Muscat City in Seeb with my friends..
    I usually go to Borders in Muscat CC, tons of books to read..
    Nowadays I don't read much as before..but I was a fan of books... Fan of Harry Potter :) , adventure and science fiction

  3. Cool I used to like science fiction books...I might still do but I never find something good...maybe I don't know how to search hehehehh

    There was a hairdresser I know who was addicted to Harry Potter books and she told my sister and I to read them but we never did...and we just watched 3 parts of the movie I think =P

    I like fantasies and make believe but I enjoy writing them (stories) or playing them (computer games) rather than reading I guess.